Frequently asked questions

How can I enter the Allstar Game Tournament?

The next Allstar Game dates are announced during the season. In order to be eligible to enter, your name must appear at least once on the allstar list in your divisions standing sheet during the last 3 weeks of that current season. Once that is confirmed, the cost to enter the tournament is a $20 entery fee. Note: If you won Top Player, your entery into the Allstar game is free, however a $20 deposit is required to reserve your name on the board. You will get that deposit back at the tournament.

How much do my league fees cost each week?

For a 4 player team, the cost will be $28 per team ($7 per player).

How much is my player membership?

Player membership is $10 per player, per season.

How many weeks are in a session?

Typically our fall and spring sessions are 16 weeks long, and our summer session is 11 weeks long. These will fluctuate however, due to the hollidays throughout the year.

How much money does my team get back in division payouts?

4 player teams get paid $26.80 per match win.

What makes your playing format so easy to play?

Our playing format is the most simple style of play possible for the pool player. It's one game at a time, and the team races to 11 (or 9 if playing 4-player). The handicap is decided at the very beginning of the match and lets you know how many games your team has to win in order to win the match. (Example): Team A, adds up all their players skill levels and comes out to 30 points, and team B does the same and comes out to 28 points. Because of this difference in points, Team A gives Team B one game handicap for the match. This means Team B has to win 10 games, before Team A wins 11. During the match, all the score keeper has to do is write down "W" if their player wins or "L" if their player loses. Whoever gets 11 "W's" first wins. It's that easy. Because of this simple score keeping, playing Missouri 8 Ball is a breeze.

How many sessions are in a year?

We have 3 sessions per year (Spring, Summer, and Fall) with our Summer session being the shortest of the 3.

What if our team owes money at the end of the season?

If you are on a team that owes the league money due to sporatic weekly paying, the amount will be deducted from your team prize money check (this inculeds weekly money as well as memberships, bar sponsor, etc.) If your money owed exceeds your prize money check, your team must pay all remaining money owed if they wish to play the next season (or future seasons).

What happens if my team drops out of the league during the season?

Dropping out early is extreamly damaging to the rest of the division teams tournament prize money, as well as the re-scheduling, the loss of money for the other bar owners, and last but not least the league itself. Because of all of these factors, you must have a very valid reason for dropping out. If the league determines you don't have enough of a valid reason, your team will be placed on the bad pay list and each player on that team will owe the league $150 fee if that player ever wants to get back in the league again.

Why is your rulebook not online?

Our rulebook is not online due to protecting our interests. We don't want our rules potentially stolen/copied for other copycat leagues to use against us. If you have any rule questions, feel free to call us and we will gladly help you.